How is TheEssayWriting.org different from all other companies offering academic writing services to students?

We at TheEssayWriting.org believe in quality services and value of our contribution to the success of students in their academics. Therefore, every student is accorded a personalized attention, whenever he/she places an order with us. Besides our affordable services, our writers are highly qualified and passionate about their work. We think this is a recipe of the professional paper writing service.

Is it free to place an order with TheEssayWriting.org?

This is absolutely free you only pay for the writing services offered.

How does TheEssayWriting.org work?

From the very beginning, you need to complete and order a form where you explain what kind of paper you need. Then our writers respond by applying for your order. According to your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their educational backgrounds, writing style samples and experiences, you are allowed to review their work from which you choose your preferred writer. Then you need just to agree on the prices and enter into a contact writer, which he/she fulfills as per your needs.

In case I need to monitor my order how can I do it?

You can do it through customer care which is available 24/7 or directly with the writer, who you can communicate with on issues related to your essay paper assignment.

Are there any formatting styles available for your custom essays?

Yes. Formatting Fs done depending on each individual specification and the formatting available include MLA, Chicago and APA style formats.

How can I send my writing materials to the writer?

Once you have a contract with any of our writers, you can communicate through different channels, but in case you want to send him writing materials this can be done via emails.

FAQ (writers)

Am I allowed to talk to the writer handling my paper?

Yes. This is allowed in order to monitor the progress of your assignment and you may sometimes need to offer some additional insights into the paper.

How can I select a writer for my paper in case I make an order?

This is quite easy and you shouldn’t have any trouble. Our writers have their sample work published on our website and in case you have a particular writer in mind for your assignment all you need to do is ask for him to handle your order and you will enter a contract that he is supposed to honor.

How do you determine that your writers are qualified to write in the field they work in?

Our writer’s posse’s academic qualifications ranging from masters degrees to PhDs in different areas of academics and are only allowed writing in the fields of their specialization. Their work also undergoes regular reviews to establish their competence.

FAQ (Security, Discretion and Guarantees)

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. The company has a refund policy in place that is 100% functional. It works if there is breach of agreement with any client, however, this is a very rare occurrence in our company.

Does TheEssayWriting.org guarantee confidentiality at all times?

We understand our customers need for privacy and so far we have been doing a good job in that area. Our company has a very strict privacy policy that forbids sharing of any client’s information with third parties in any way or for whatever reason. Remember your contract also involves a non disclosure agreement.

How is your deadline policy?

We operate under a very strict deadline policy and you can be sure to get the paper you order at the agreed time and with the quality you specified in your order form.

Can somebody tell if I am using your essay writing services for my assignments?

Every customer that subscribes to our services has a guarantee of 100% privacy at all times. No information of yours can be shared to any third parties, who may seek to exploit it in any way including your teachers or lecturers. Moreover, all written papers are unique and can’t be identified as plagiarized.

Are there any added or hidden charges from TheEssayWriting.org?

Our pricing system is operated on the principle of transparency and honesty at every level, therefore the price communicated to you during the ordering process is final and there are no hidden charges to it. You only pay what you had agreed with the writer.

Do you guarantee that your services are free of plagiarism?

Before any essay paper is released to any client from us it has to first of all go through mandatory quality checks that involve plagiarism checks. Therefore you can rest assured that any paper you will receive from us is 100% plagiarism free.